Saturday, April 20, 2013

Arranging objects in Microsoft office Word 2007

Arranging objects in Microsoft office Word 2007

Read about Inserting Objects into your Microsoft office Word 2007

Now that you understand how to insert objects into office word 2007, it is high time you get to know how to arrange those objects inside your office word document.

Objects inside your document if not well arranged can make even arranging texts a very tiresome and frustrating job.

Because of the changes in the new office 2007 interface you will have to adapt a bit if you are coming from Microsoft office 2003 interface.

To arrange an object
  1. Click on the object to select it
  2. under picture tools select format then text wrapping
  3. Under text wrapping select either
  • inline with text
  • square
  • tight
  • behind text
  • infront of text
  • Top and bottom
  • Through
  • Edit wrap points
  • More layout options
 The choice you make under text wrapping will determine how your objects are placed inside your document. For instance if you want the text to appear at the top and bottom of your document then you will have to choose Top and Bottom

Your final document should look like the one below

Text Wrapping (top and bottom)

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