Saturday, April 20, 2013

Microsoft office 2007 changes


Microsoft office 2007 has too many changes but mastering it should not take more than a day to find your way through it if you are already familiar with older versions. In order to effectively and quickly master office 2007 you need to at least have knowledge in other preceding versions of office like office 2003 version but it is not a requirement to learning office 2007.

Changes to Microsoft office 2007

The Microsoft office 2007 new interface completely changed how users interacts with Microsoft office products save for Microsoft office publisher which inherited the 2003 interface. Due to lots of rearrangement  names of common commands and tools were changed with new and strange names.

For example in Microsoft office 2007 there is no File, Edit, Tools, Format, and Window Menu. The Help menu command too has been changed with an icon and positioned on the far top right corner of the program window. The formatting toolbar has been removed and its contents placed under Home Menu command in the Font and Paragraph group (group is a new name used in Microsoft office 2007 to group similar commands and tools, like under the Home menu command there are 5 groups of commands.

The Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles, and Editing. Under the clipboard group you will find the commands to cut and paste. Under the font group there are tools like Bold, Italic, Underline, Character cAsinG etc.

These changes made using Microsoft office 2007 a bit more complicated but if you have prior experience in other preceding lower versions of Microsoft office then starting with [Microsoft office 2007 quickstart ] will be worthwhile.

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